Friday, January 30, 2009

*These Crazy Days*

We are currently potty training Haylie...or she's really potty training herself...we just take her when she says she needs to go. Ever since she turned 2 she wanted to get rid of her diapers and wear her new tinkerbell and hannah montana panties. So I said, sure, we'll see how it goes. And I must say she's done pretty fabulous for the past four weeks now! Just a few accidents a week...none this week! She still wears a diaper at night, so we haven't mastered the whole potty training thing yet. But now that she's wearing panties she's figured out how easy it is to take her pants up and down. Well...yesterday I got a little surprise while I was trying to put Hunter down for his nap. I was sitting on the couch rocking Hunter and Haylie disapeared into the hallway for a little while. The next thing I know...she's standing at the end of the hall naked...she throws her hands up in the air, shakes her booty, and screams..."Haylie's Nakie!" It was the most hilarious thing ever! Of course after laughing I tell her it is much too cold to be running around we put her clothes on. She does this same thing about 3 times yesterday...and I must never stopped being funny!
So last night we had a speed scrap at Nicoles...I couldn't finish mine in time, because I came down with a horrible migraine right in the middle of it...but I got up this morning and finished it off. So here it is...

Here's what the instructions were:
1. 1. Go to your pictures folder and choose only 1 photo. Then head over to this link To create a dreamy handtinted picture.
2. Find 1 solid paper for your background paper
3. Now go and find 4 patterned papers. 3 of them you will cut into strips. The 4th one you will use to matte your picture.
4. Go find some type of wrap (ribbon, string, rubber band, etc..) to "hold" your picture to your matte.
5. Embellish how you like but make sure you include some bling, greenery, and some sort of cluster.
6. Create a two word title using only fonts (no alpha's) and it must be two different fonts and monochromatic with your background page.
7. Add your journaling and a date.

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