Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Speed Scraps...

There was a speed scrap last night at Gingerscraps. It was a lot of fun!
These were the instructions:
Step 1: Choose between 4-6 Photos. Here's the catch! 1 photo must be of a family OR a group of people (or a group of animals, as long as it's a group) and must be horizontal (side to side not up and down)And the other photos have to be those people or animals by themselves. So for a family of 3 you will need 4 photos, one of each person and one group picture. For a family of 5 you will need 6 photos. Now that you get the idea you can use as many photos as you need. Because if you have a family of 7 you will need 8 photos and I don't want you to leave anyone out by making you only pick 6 photos haha.
Step 2: Crop the group photo (if you can!) so that it is longer than tall. Try to make it as panoramic as you can so it is extra long.
Step 3: Make the other photos small and try to make them as square as you can.
Step 4: Frame the other photos and Hang them from the group photo. You can frame the group photo as well but you don't have to. You can hang them with strings, ribbons, chains, anything so that they hang down a bit. Don't just staple them to the group photo. I want them away from the group photo.
Step 5: Finally! We are picking papers now! haha. Ok choose one paper for the background. Whatever you think will look best under the photos. And now you can choose another photo to do with whatever you want. This is not a requirement. Only if you want to add another paper. You can even cut it into a shape, I don't care what you do with it if anything.
Step 6: Use tiny elements (glitter, splats, tiny flowers, tiny leaves, confetti, as long as it's TINY!) and splash it on the LO. You can put these wherever you want on the LO. Across the top, all over the background paper, across the middle, in an X I don't care as long as they are all TINY.
Step 7: Add a title above the group photo. Make it stretch across the length of the photo (or almost at least). And add names to the frames or below the frames. Each frame should have the name of the person in the frame, only name the small photos.
And this is what I came up with:

Tomorrow there's a speed scrap at Nicoles!

Come join us!!!! It'll be fun!!

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