Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not So Sweet Slumber...

As I'm sitting here ready to go to bed and slowly drifting off...I'm reminded of what happened last night and is sure to happen again tonight, because it has become a nightly routine of ours. The kids will be tucked away in their beds sleeping soundly as Michael and I will head to bed. We'll be asleep probably about 3 hours-4 if we're lucky, and Hunter will wake up. For some reason the chunk can't get out of the habit of wanting a middle of the night bottle. So, we'll let him whine a little while, hoping and praying he'll whine himself back to sleep. Then I'll kick my husband in the leg to get up and give him his bottle. My husband is wonderful about doing things well and still staying asleep, that's why I make him give Hunter his night time bottle, because if I were to do it, I would be totally awake and it'd take forever to get back to sleep. So no sense in one of us losing sleep when he can do it and lose almost no sleep! Shortly after Hunter wakes up, Haylie will wake up and come to bed with us. It's either let her get in the bed and she'll go back to sleep almost immediately, or take her back to bed and hear her throw a fit for hours. Being a smart mommy, I choose not to fight battles while the sun is down! So I let her in the bed with us. Well last night she wanted to sleep almost right on top of me...with her face right in my face...I can't do that, no breathing in my face. So I did what you do when you're a kid and you have your bff over for a sleep over. I put my head at the foot of the bed and my feet up under the pillow by Haylie's face. At this time Hunter is asleep in Michael's arms in the bed. My husband said he had no idea where I had gone until I moved...and some how in the mid-morning hours I ended up with Hunter down at the foot of the bed with me. I remember Michael handing him to me, but the rest is a little fuzzy. So as I'm sitting here about to head in the direction of my pillow..I pray please please let it be a rare night, a night where both my kids are in their own beds ALL night long! And I'm is time that we upgrade from a queen size bed!!

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  1. Oh Christy. Did you get your wish for aq peaceful night? I can not go very long with nights like that. We have been lucky so far. The girls have been pretty good sleepers after they got used to being at home. The first few months were rough though.
    Love ya!
    p.s. you are right, King sized beds are worth every dime!