Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ready For Some Fun!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Some Exciting News!!!

How exciting is that!!!?! A lot of GREAT designers will be a part of this new adventure!! Get ready to have lots of fun at Stuff To Scrap!! :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Three Great Designers...Two Great Kits!!

*****This is a Long Post...full of Great Eye Candy...You have Been Warned*****

This week the Awesome Scrappy Cocoa has teamed up with the Great Digi-Designs by Nicole and have created one great Easter kit freebie for you guys!! I give you Hello Easter!(Scrappy Cocoa's Part...click image to go to her blog)
(Nicole's Embellishments Preview...click image to be taken to her blog)

Now...this is what I've done with this kit! :)
This is done with just Scrappy Cocoa's part of the kit
This one was done with both Scrappy Cocoa's and Digi-Designs by Nicole's parts of the kit!
Michelle at Just For You Digi Scraps has a fun kit out this week...called Comfort! And that's exactly what this kit make me think of! The colors of it have a country comfort feeling to it! I couldn't find a preview of her kit...so my layout will just have to work!! (Sorry Michelle)! Click my Layout to be taken to her blog to pick up this comfy kit!If you've like what you see here check back on Thursday for some goodies from me! (at least I hope to post them Thursday...as long as I don't fall behind from all the excitement this week!

One Fabulous Cause...

I have recently joined the Creative Team for Scraps of Ellay...and this week she has a fabulous kit to help raise money for the American Cancer Society! (click on the image to go to her blog)
This kit is beautiful and full of a lot of shiney sparkly things! And the best part is that you can get it for any amount of donation you make to the American Cancer Society. You can do this by click on the Relay of Life pic on her blog! She'll also have a little sampler freebie of the kit on her blog this week!
This kit hit close to home to me...because two members of my family have battled cancer and beat it this past year! And I decided to dedicate my layout's to them! My Survivors!
First up is my twin brother...he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, the week before I had Hunter, so, about Nine Months ago. He had surgery and they removed it all...and he under went chemo for what seems like forever! He is now cancer free and his hair is growing back in a lot darker then it was!
I put he his a husband on this LO...but he's really not getting married until May 23rd...but I figured it was close enough...and he's been with Mandy for over 7 years...and going through this cancer together really did pull them together like husband and wife!
Next up is my Father-in-law. He was diagnosed with Colon Cancer back in November. He had surgery and they removed it all...and he is now going through Chemo and will be finished with it in May. He has remained strong through out his battle...in fact if you just saw him on the street you would never know he was going through this at all!
These are two very brave and positive men! The world is a greater place because of them!So go over to LA's blog and make a donation and get this beautiful kit! It's a great cause....and I know that it also touches home to many of you!

Buckle Your Seat Belts!

Come in...sit down...and be sure to buckle your seat belts...because this week is going to be a wild ride!! I have a whole lot of goodies to show you guys this week!! And the fun all starts later tonight!! I hope that you and I both can keep up with all the excitement this week!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Name Change

I used to have my blog titled My Little Piece of Serenity...but I've decided to change it to Scrapping Serenity!
When I started my blog I just intended on it being a family blog...that was until I dived head first into the digital scrapping community! Now that I have...it has consumed my blog!! Which I love!!...but I also want my space for my random ramblings about my family! As soon as I get it up and running...I will post a link to it...or a blinkie. So look out for it...if you care to hear stories from a ranting mom..haha!

Quick Page Freebie

I almost forgot that today was Thursday!!! Here's your Thursday Quick Page Freebie!!! It's from my layout from Bold & Beautiful by Just For You Digi Scraps! If you haven't picked up this cute kit yet click here to go to Michelle's blog! It's free this week and next week it will be for sale in her store!
(click the image to dl the quickpage)
If you want some more quick pages....Click Here...to be taken to my set of Fairy Tale Wedding Quick Pages.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Feed Your Addiction!!

There's a speed scrap tonight at the DDBN Forum!! You know you don't want to miss it! (hopefully I can be there! it's my mom's birthday and we're in town for it...so I hope I can make it...just might not be able to chat and scrap tonight). Click on the Flyer for more info!
The Participation Prize tonight is a SURPRISE! So, I know you'll want to be there!! Nicole always has great stuff!

My Fairy Tale Wedding Layouts

Here's the layouts that I've made with the different parts! If you're looking for my part of the train...my quickpages...just click here to be taken to the post!

With Stephanie's (Scrappy Cocoa) Part:

With Janice's (JW Digi Scraps) part:

With LA's (ellay) Part:

With Deanna's (Flower Scraps) Part:

Monday, March 23, 2009

Speed Scrap Tonight at Gingerscraps!

(Click to go to the GingerScraps Forum)
And here's the participation prize!

You know you wanna join in on the fun!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Come On Ride The Train!!!

Some of the Lovely Ladies at the Digi-Designs By Nicole Forum has put together a little freebie blog train for you this month! It's called Fairy Tale Wedding and it is beautiful!! :) Make sure to stop by their blogs to pick up all the parts! Since I'm not a designer all I could contribute was some quick pages...(click on the preview to download them)Now for the rest of the previews from everyone else!! It'll make you run to pick up the rest of the train...these ladies are soo talented! Make sure to leave them lots of love while you're picking up their goodies!! They work so hard and are so sweet to give out freebies!! :)

The Whole Blog Train List:
ChristieDawn <---- You are here
I think they have decided that starting in May and every month after that they will do a monthy collab freebie! If you're a designer...even if you're just starting in designing you can sign up to join them in the fun!! Just Click Here to go check out the DDBN Forum!
Come back tomorrow to see my layouts made with some of these Great Kits!! :)

Bold And Beautiful

Michelle at Just For You Digi Scraps has a new cute freebie kit out for you this week! It's called Bold and Beautiful! And the name says it all!! :) The colors are definately bold...and the whole kit is beautiful! :) (Click on the preview to go to her blog)

And here's what I did with the kit!

If you like this come back here on Thursday for a goodie! :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Who's Ready For A Speed Scrap?!

Me me me!! I love 'em!! I just can't get enough of them!! And guess what....there's one today!!! So those of you who can't get in on them during the week...this one's for you!! (click on the flyer to be taken to the forum...and look for Speed Scrap 12 Here (or something like that))And the participation prize is awesome!! The ever so generous Nicole will be giving away a coupon to get one of her retiring kits for FREE!! How awesome is that?!! And if you already have all of those kits...then you can get a dollar off any other one you don't have! Nicole...You Rock!! (Click Here to check out her store and pick out what kit you'll want to get...just for participating!)
So come and join us! It is a GREAT amount of fun! Especially you newbies to speed scraps! Once you do one...you'll be begging for more!! Hope to see you there!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Are You Ready For a Quickie??

Quick Page that is!! What were you thinking?! I have two sets of freebie quickpages for you today! The first one up is from Deanna at Flower Scraps who has a new kit, she has out for free this week, Snakes and Snails! I absolutely love this kit! Go to her blog to download it now, and leave her lots of love, if you haven't already!!
Here's your Snakes And Snails Quick Pages! (click preview to download)
Also this week Michelle at Just For You Digi Scraps has a cute little girls kit out for free this week called Sweet Baby Girl! Gotta love the soft pastel colors in this kit! Could definatley scrap some Spring/Easter pictures with this one! Go to her blog and pick it up now, if you haven't already, and leave her some love!
So here's your Sweet Baby Girl Quickpage! (click the preview to download)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Snakes and Snails

Deanna at Flower Scraps has a new kit available on her blog this week! It's called Snakes and Snails!! It is a fabulous boy kit! I love everything about this kit! It is the brother kit to her kit last week Everything Nice! I think this kit is great for boy pictures...or even for those outdoorsy camping pictures! Click the preview to go to her blog and pick it up! Don't forget to leave her some love!
I love love love this kit!! Here's what I did with this great boy kit!!

If you like these pages make sure to check back here Thursday for the quickpages of them! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another CT...and "Sweet Baby Girl"

Have I mentioned that I joined another CT?!! I swear I'm totally addicted to this digi scrapbookin'!! I can't get enough! Now I also get to work with the cute stylings of Just For You Digi Scraps! And guess what?!!!
Michelle at Just For You Digi Scraps has a new kit out this week! It's called Sweet Baby Girl...and it's perfect for those sweet little girls in your life...or even for those Easter Pics you'll be taking next month! Go to her blog and pick it up for free this week!! Next week it will be in her store! Just click her preview to be taken to her blog!
Here's what I did with this cute kit!
Go to her blog and pick it up and make sure to leave her some love! :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

QuickPage Freebie Friday

This week I have two special treats for you!! Dianna with FlowerScraps put out her very cute and very girly kit, Everything Nice this week...and I've made my layout from that into a quickpage for you...but you get not only the quickpage but the word art that was also on my page (my first ever word arty thing)!
Here's the Preview: (Click the Preview to Download)
Stephanie from ScrappyCocoa put out a cute sporty mini kit this week...and I've also made my LO from that into a quick page for you!! Aren't I just the nicest?! hehe!
Here's the Preview: (Click the Preview to Download)Now incase you haven't gotten around to picking up these really cute kits yet here's the preview to both kits! (Click on them to be taken to the blogs to Download...and remember to leave lots of love!!...these girls work hard to make these cute kits)!!
Everything Nice By FlowerScraps
Coach Cocoa by ScrappyCocoa

A Little Ranting...

I love that my husband got a new job when I was pregnant with Hunter. He was kind of sick of his old job and saw this ad on Monster for a computer programmer. He was really interested, but thought it was out of his league (since he hasn't finished college yet)...it was double his salary...and I told him to just go for it! Ya never know until ya try right? So he did get it! And he was excited...and I was excited because that meant I could stay home with my kids after I had Hunter (because who really wants to pay $800 in daycare a month)! He really enjoys his job..and I really enjoy staying home with the kids (most days...but I wouldn't trade it for anything)! I am really appreciative of the fact that I get to raise my kids and not some stranger at the daycare. And I thank my hubby for giving me this opportunity!
But...(Okay...I'm going to do a little bit of ranting now)
This week we found out that Michael will have to start travelling for work. He'll be gone once the whole third week out of the month. For how long will he have to do this? I dunno...because they don't know...and they never give him too much of a notice before things happen. I'm a planner. I like to know what's going to happen and when WAY in advanced (I already have our summer vacation in August planned and booked). But no...they call him Tuesday night wanting him to leave out the following Sunday! That to me is not enough time...we have a family...he is not single! My kids love their daddy...and they already don't get enough time with him (he leaves for work at 7 am (before anyone is up) mon - fri and doesn't get home until 6...and usually the kids are in bed around 10. At least I got them to reschedule it for the 4th week this week...so me and the kids can spend sometime with my family while my sisters are on spring break! I know that I'm probably being petty...but a whole week...of just me and the kids! It kinda scares me...because there are some days when I'm praying that 6 o'clock can get here so I can hand them off and retreat to another room! I just wish I knew how many months he had to do this so I could start counting it down now!
Sorry about the ranting...I just needed to vent!
On a brighter note...last night there was a speed scrap at Nicoles...at I got a LO that I really Love from it!! :

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Get Ready...Get Set...Go!!

Run over to ScrappyCocoa and pick up Steph's new mini kit called Coach Cocoa!!! If you're into sports or have sporty pictures this is the kit for you!! Or even if you don't have anything to do with sports this kit has a lot of cute bold colors that you can enjoy!!
(Click on the Preview to go to Steph's Blog)My Non-Sporty LO with this kit!!
If you like this layout then...Come back on Friday...because I'm going to have a few treats for you guys!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Everything Nice by Flower Scraps

Deanna over at Flower Scraps has a new kit out today called Everything Nice! It's the perfect girl kit! Go over to her blog and pick it up now...next week it will go into her store!
Here's the preview (click on the preview to be taken to her blog):And here's what I did with this cute kit!
Come back later this week because I've made a quick page out of this for you guys to pick up!! And...for my first time ever...some word art...(the quote on my page, and the word family, and the word love)!
Go pick up Deanna's kit and leave her lots of love!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

First Day of Spring Quick Page Freebie

Tonight I was working on the Inspiration Challenge over at GingerScraps, the inspiration picture made me wish spring was here...so I made a springy layout using GingerScraps "First Day of Spring" Kit. And I loved it so much that I decided to make a quick page out of it for you guys!
So here's the layout that I made:And now for your freebie quickpage: (click on the preview to download)

You can visit Gingerscraps at her personal blog here or you can visit her at her forum here. She has a lot of other beautiful kits...go visit her to take a look!

February In A Nut Shell

Since we're into March now, I thought it was time to post up my page about our February.I can't believe how fast it seems the year is going! It's hard to believe in just a little over 3 months my baby will be turning one!! I think that he will definitely will be walking before he's one or at least by one. He's pulling up on everything and starting to "cruise" down the couch...and I swear I saw him let go of the couch today and stand up for a second before falling to his booty! Of course he's got a big sister to keep up with! Haylie's doing a really good job using the potty! No accidents during the day...and sometimes she stays dry at night too! I'm a little nervous about putting her in panties over night...I do have some waterproof pads to put under her if I do work up the courage to give it a go! Michael starts his FINAL quarter of school this month!! He will be officially graduating in June! Thank the LORD! It seems like he's been in school forever...but he really hasn't...just since August 2004. It'll be so nice to have him out of school and not have to worry about how much homework he has!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Shabby Spring Gets An Extended Stay

Steph at ScrappyCocoa has decided to offer her kit Shabby Spring free for one more week on her blog!! Due to virus scares from 4 shared last week she moved it to a different file sharing network...so you can download it now without worry of getting a virus!
Here's the preview: (click it to be taken to Steph's Blog)Get it now while you can!! It goes into her store next week!!