Sunday, March 29, 2009

One Fabulous Cause...

I have recently joined the Creative Team for Scraps of Ellay...and this week she has a fabulous kit to help raise money for the American Cancer Society! (click on the image to go to her blog)
This kit is beautiful and full of a lot of shiney sparkly things! And the best part is that you can get it for any amount of donation you make to the American Cancer Society. You can do this by click on the Relay of Life pic on her blog! She'll also have a little sampler freebie of the kit on her blog this week!
This kit hit close to home to me...because two members of my family have battled cancer and beat it this past year! And I decided to dedicate my layout's to them! My Survivors!
First up is my twin brother...he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, the week before I had Hunter, so, about Nine Months ago. He had surgery and they removed it all...and he under went chemo for what seems like forever! He is now cancer free and his hair is growing back in a lot darker then it was!
I put he his a husband on this LO...but he's really not getting married until May 23rd...but I figured it was close enough...and he's been with Mandy for over 7 years...and going through this cancer together really did pull them together like husband and wife!
Next up is my Father-in-law. He was diagnosed with Colon Cancer back in November. He had surgery and they removed it all...and he is now going through Chemo and will be finished with it in May. He has remained strong through out his fact if you just saw him on the street you would never know he was going through this at all!
These are two very brave and positive men! The world is a greater place because of them!So go over to LA's blog and make a donation and get this beautiful kit! It's a great cause....and I know that it also touches home to many of you!

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