Wednesday, March 4, 2009

February In A Nut Shell

Since we're into March now, I thought it was time to post up my page about our February.I can't believe how fast it seems the year is going! It's hard to believe in just a little over 3 months my baby will be turning one!! I think that he will definitely will be walking before he's one or at least by one. He's pulling up on everything and starting to "cruise" down the couch...and I swear I saw him let go of the couch today and stand up for a second before falling to his booty! Of course he's got a big sister to keep up with! Haylie's doing a really good job using the potty! No accidents during the day...and sometimes she stays dry at night too! I'm a little nervous about putting her in panties over night...I do have some waterproof pads to put under her if I do work up the courage to give it a go! Michael starts his FINAL quarter of school this month!! He will be officially graduating in June! Thank the LORD! It seems like he's been in school forever...but he really hasn't...just since August 2004. It'll be so nice to have him out of school and not have to worry about how much homework he has!

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