Saturday, March 21, 2009

Who's Ready For A Speed Scrap?!

Me me me!! I love 'em!! I just can't get enough of them!! And guess what....there's one today!!! So those of you who can't get in on them during the week...this one's for you!! (click on the flyer to be taken to the forum...and look for Speed Scrap 12 Here (or something like that))And the participation prize is awesome!! The ever so generous Nicole will be giving away a coupon to get one of her retiring kits for FREE!! How awesome is that?!! And if you already have all of those kits...then you can get a dollar off any other one you don't have! Nicole...You Rock!! (Click Here to check out her store and pick out what kit you'll want to get...just for participating!)
So come and join us! It is a GREAT amount of fun! Especially you newbies to speed scraps! Once you do'll be begging for more!! Hope to see you there!!

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