Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Little Ranting...

I love that my husband got a new job when I was pregnant with Hunter. He was kind of sick of his old job and saw this ad on Monster for a computer programmer. He was really interested, but thought it was out of his league (since he hasn't finished college yet) was double his salary...and I told him to just go for it! Ya never know until ya try right? So he did get it! And he was excited...and I was excited because that meant I could stay home with my kids after I had Hunter (because who really wants to pay $800 in daycare a month)! He really enjoys his job..and I really enjoy staying home with the kids (most days...but I wouldn't trade it for anything)! I am really appreciative of the fact that I get to raise my kids and not some stranger at the daycare. And I thank my hubby for giving me this opportunity!
But...(Okay...I'm going to do a little bit of ranting now)
This week we found out that Michael will have to start travelling for work. He'll be gone once the whole third week out of the month. For how long will he have to do this? I dunno...because they don't know...and they never give him too much of a notice before things happen. I'm a planner. I like to know what's going to happen and when WAY in advanced (I already have our summer vacation in August planned and booked). But no...they call him Tuesday night wanting him to leave out the following Sunday! That to me is not enough time...we have a family...he is not single! My kids love their daddy...and they already don't get enough time with him (he leaves for work at 7 am (before anyone is up) mon - fri and doesn't get home until 6...and usually the kids are in bed around 10. At least I got them to reschedule it for the 4th week this me and the kids can spend sometime with my family while my sisters are on spring break! I know that I'm probably being petty...but a whole week...of just me and the kids! It kinda scares me...because there are some days when I'm praying that 6 o'clock can get here so I can hand them off and retreat to another room! I just wish I knew how many months he had to do this so I could start counting it down now!
Sorry about the ranting...I just needed to vent!
On a brighter note...last night there was a speed scrap at I got a LO that I really Love from it!! :


  1. Bless your heart! I would babysit for you to give you a break if I could! :) Just take deep breaths...
    I hope it doesn't last long.

  2. I feel for you Christie! My hubby left for a week for a school conference and I flew my mom in to spend the week with me and the boy. Can't even imagine going it alone with 2 kids! You will survive! Good luck!

  3. You know what, we need a mom support group! lol. Hang in there. If you feel overwhelmed give me a holler. I know it would be 5 kids all together, but at least there would be two of us. Grown up time! I miss grown up time. :o)
    Seriously, don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you need something. It is not easy going it alone.
    You are in my thoughts! Love ya