Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Second Speed Scrap

We had a second speed scrap at Nicoles last night! It was challenging...but much fun! I think I've learned that I freak out less if I wait until all the instructions are given out and then start the scrappin!
These were the Instructions:

Step 1. Choose 1 picture… have it take up ¾ of the page. You can place it anywhere.
Step 2. Choose 4 papers… 1 worn or torn, 2 patterned and 1 notebook.
Step 3. Tear or cut a piece of paper into a strip of any size and shape.
Step 4. Hang something in your layout. It can be a tag, string, picture, etc.
Step 5. Use a glitter swirl somewhere in the layout.
Step 6. Use a minimum of 3 of the following in your layout: ribbon, hearts, staples, flowers and leaves. You can use all if you want.
Step 7. Add a line of journaling and date. Save your layout, upload it to the gallery and link it back here. You have one hour, plus 15 minutes grace to upload.

And Here's My Results...

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