Sunday, February 1, 2009

A New Month

I can't believe that January has come and gone already! I hope that's not a sign of how fast this year is going to go! I must say, we had a pretty good January! I didn't catch on to the project 365 early enough, that's where you take a picture for every day of the year so you can go back and reflect on the year. But I 've decided to take my own spin on it and do like a monthly thing. Where I take a few pictures out of the month that reflect what went on and write a little journal entry about our month. So here is my January 2009 page!

My kids now have their own rooms...that was a big step for me. I'm still kinda weepy. I thought for some reason if they shared a room that they'd have like special sibling bonding...but ohh well. They slept better last night! Hunter fussed a little bit and we didn't have to rush in there to get him thinking he'd wake up Haylie...and he actually went back to sleep on his own! Yay!

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