Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Today Haylie and Hunter have a special visitor! Their uncle Ray has come up to visit! Ray and his fiance Mandy came up late last night after the kids were asleep. Mandy has a nursing conference today in Little Rock, so we get to spend the day with Uncle Ray! Haylie loves all her Aunties and her Uncle Ray! She's cuddling in his lap right now watching Monsters Inc! Unfortunately she woke up with a fever, 101.6, so we have to keep an eye on it! It makes me nervous when she runs fever, because she started having feveral seizures when she turned 1, whenever her temp reaches 103 she could go into a seizure....yikes...very scary for this mama! But luckily for us she's been fever free since she got tubes in her ears a year ago!
So Valentine's Day came and went. For dinner that night Michael took me out for sushi, I never would have thought that a year ago that I would like sushi, but I do!! We took the kids to the zoo earlier that afternoon and spent 3 hours there! It's always so fun just walking around the zoo and hearing Haylie yell out what the animals are and make the noises. When she saw the Zebra this time she said "Mommy! It's the move it move it!" She's become a big fan of Madagascar! It was too cute! We'll be going back to the Zoo in March because they have a free day for everyone! Gotta love free entertainment! I must get those pictures uploaded on my computer so I can scrap them! Unfortunately Haylie was not in a picture taking mood that day...but I got a few good pictures of Hunter! Until I can get those pictures scrapped you can enjoy a few scrapbook pages I've made these past couple weeks.

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