Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Money Mommy...

It amazes me everyday how much my kids have grown up! I can't believe Hunter will be 9 months old in two weeks! He is crawling at full blast now...and getting into EVERYTHING! Nothing is safe from this little kids grasps! And he's on full blown table food now and chompin' everything pretty well despite that he has no teeth yet! My kids have always been late bloomers when it comes to getting their teeth. Haylie didn't get her first tooth until she was 11 months old...then I think she got 4 at once! I think she's finally trying to get her "vampire" (as I call them) teeth! It's about time huh?!
Last night we went to Walmart to pick up some grocery items and some sinus medicine for me (I am almost down and out with my sinuses this week). I dunno if every wal-mart has a family fun center in it (it's a place with the claw stuffed animal games, a few arcade games, and the quarter machines)...anyway...whenever we get to the check out Haylie always has a melt down when we take whatever she's playing with in the shopping cart, to check out... so I always leave Michael to check out and take Haylie to run around the family fun center. They have this ride thingy with winnie the pooh and she likes to climb on it...granted we never have any quarters to do anything in the family fun center. Well last night when we walked in Haylie looks up at me and says "Haylie's going to need some money mommy!" Now what 2 year old knows that it takes money to make these things work? I must say it was the cutest thing ever! Although she's starting a tad bit early with the asking parents for money thing! :) It always suprises me what she can say! She's always been a great talker...but I just wonder where she learns all her words from and manages to put them in a sentence that actually makes sense. This weekend we were at my mom's house and she was playing with dominoes with her Uncle Ray and Aunt Mandy building things and when she spilled a whole bunch of dominoes on the floor she said Uncle Ray and Aunt Mandy help me out guys! Haha...she's such a cute!
Here's some layouts I've done recently:

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  1. Leaving you an award on my blog! Haha, I've seen all these on the forum already, and they are STILL beautiful! :)