Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Day!!

My little man is getting such a personality! He started clapping this week! It's too cute. Whenever he hears music he starts clapping and kind of bobs to the music. He's really getting the momma down! He says like mmmm moom moom. Hehe. I think he's going to be a big talker like his sister (Lord Help Us!..must invest in ear plugs)! I can't believe how fast kids grow up! Michael's gotten off work late the past two days...and I dunno about you guys...but when you're home all day doing the houswifey duties and takin' care of the don't want an extra two hours added on to that! Plus having to feed two kids and eat yourself at the same time is not fun! So hopefully he'll get off on time tonight!
I had a speed scrap yesterday at Nicoles! It was so much fun and I got a layout that I Love!!
I've also been working on some scrapbooking challenges on a few forums...and this is what I've down so far this month!
For Nicoles Forum:
February Color Challenge
Word of the Week Challenge
Template Challenge

For Gingerscraps Forum:
(I LOVE how this first layout turned out!)
February Inspirational Challenge
February Template Challenge
February Color Challenge

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