Friday, February 5, 2010

Round 4 of STS Designer Darling Challenge! :)

So Round 4 of the Stuff To Scrap Designer Darling Competition was REALLY different! This round instead of making mini kits, we were instructed to make our own designer resources. We had to scan or photograph three things and then extract them ourselves!! :) But you know what that means? A CU freebie for you!! (and lots of others, because many of the ladies made theirs CU as well). We were told to be creative...but for some reason my "creative brain" wasn't I guess I went kind of generic. I tried to get creative with my ribbon....So here's what I created! Just click the preview to go to the forum to download!
And this week is an elimination I dunno if I'll be moving onto the next round or not. They're cutting it down to 10...and I'll find out Sunday afternoon/evening. So if you could please vote for me!! Just click here to go vote! :)

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