Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Round 2 of Designer Darling Competition at STS!!

So, I made it onto Round 2 in the Designer Darling Competition! Ok Everyone made it through! But that just means for FREEBIES for you! And thank you to everyone who voted for me last week! I really appreciate it! And be ready to do it again Friday-Saturday. :) So, here's the color pallette we were given this week..

Yikes! Was my first thought! But this is what I created this week... I called it "I Can Do Better" based of the Nike commercials where the girl is trying to out do the guy at every sport while singing the song "anything you can do...I Can Do Better...I can do anything better than you!"
And you can pick it up for free in the forum! (remember you have to be registered and logged in to have access to the forum) And there's tons of other great kits with the same pallette. So either click the preview to go to the form to download...or you can click here to go to the forum to download.
And come back Tomorrow for the add on...and Saturday for a bonus freebie! :)

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