Monday, October 5, 2009

I Need Your Vote!! :)

Misty's CT needs some packaging for our freebies. Right? We think so, anyways. We want them all to match. And we don't want to have to repackage them for all the different stores she's now selling at. (Woot! Go, Misty!) So a bunch of us used Misty's kits to design these new packages, and now we need your help. We can't choose which we like the best...would you? Please? Vote in the poll on the top left of Misty's blog, and leave a comment that says you voted, and when the voting is done on Saturday, we'll pick a random winner to get one of Misty's kits. How does that sound?
Here's my entry into the Preview Contest! :) Click it go to to Misty's Blog To Vote For Me (Christie Dawn) in the upper left corner of her blog! :)

Thanks So Much!!

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