Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Kits In Store This Week!!

I have two new kits to show you this week! These kits are both to store only kits at Stuff to Scrap!!
The first one is a collab (so double the fun!) between Scrappy Cooca and Nibbles Skribbles!! It's called "kites and bikes" and it is the PERFECT little boy kit!! So if you got some little men in your life you won't want to miss this kit!
Here's Nibbles Skribbles Part (imaged linked to her store):

And here's Scrappy Cocoa's Part (image linked to her store):

And here's my layouts...the first one is done with Scrappy Cocoa's Part Only (and with a template by her too!!) and my Second one is done with Nibbles Skribbles part only...

And because it's a collab...and you know you'll want both parts they are doing something special for you!! Check out the flyer for more info!
And Steph made this cool add on alpha for you guys...I believe it's available at her blog for download!! Click the preview to go to her blog!
Scraps of Ellay has a rockin' new kit in her store this week called "Greased Lightning!" Who doesn't love them some Grease!! No matter how old you are! Check out this kit!! It's slammed packed of fun stuff!! And if you check out her blog she has some quickpage freebies for you throughout the week! (click any preview to go to Scraps of Ellay's store!) Ohh and what's the best part? It's 25% off until August 15th!!
The whole kit:
The glitters (which are also CU friendly):
The Flairs:
And of course my layout:

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